PerfectPeak™ Static Mixer, 50 μL, Stainless Steel, Coned - 10-32

  • HPLC/UHPLC PerfectPeak™ Static mixer, 50µL, 1.70'' long, 316L SS, female compression fitting

  • Artikelnummer: 1850012-01-3D

  • Antal/fp: 1

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Improve Detection Limits with up to 75% - Less Internal Volume than Comparable Mixers.
For pharmaceutical companies and HPLC/UHPLC users looking to greatly reduce baseline noise and maximise their lower limit of detection, Mott recently launched their new PerfectPeak™ Static Mixer. This cutting-edge 90 µL static mixer incorporates 3D printing technology to achieve baseline noise reduction exceeding 98% while using up to 75% less volume than comparable mixers.

In addition to better gradient mixing and less volume, PerfectPeak™ Static Mixers offers:

- Pressure rating up to 20,000 PSIG to withstand the toughest HPLC/UHPLC conditions
- Compatibility with flow rates from 0.1-10 mL/min, saving valuable time and money from switching out mixers depending on system flow
- Easy installation into any HPLC/UHPLC unit
- Durable, acid passivated all stainless steel construction
  • Tillverkare
    Mott Corporation
  • Leveranstid
  • Lager-/beställningsvara
  • Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Materialspecifikation
    Stainless Steel Passivated 316(L)
  • Typ av mixer
    Static Mixer
  • Typ av anslutning
    Female Compression
  • Applikation
  • Anslutningsport
    Coned - 10-32
  • Dimension ansl. slang
    1.59 mm (1/16'')
  • Längd
    43.18 mm (1.70 '')
  • Diameter
    12.70 mm (0.50'')
  • Volym
    50 μL
  • Maxtryck
    1379 bar (20 000 psi)
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