ZPure Oxygen or Moisture Purifier 1/8'' Brass

  • ZPure Dual Purifier, 1/8'' Brass Fittings

  • Artikelnummer: 202206-B-46

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CRS's inline purifiers are a compact design which fits many existing installations. They are designed to reduce contaminates to low-ppb levels and also have a dual seal design for added safety to protect against leaks. The stainless steel bodies have 10 micron stainless steel frits at both ends to protect against dust. The glass bodies have a dual seal design, so the glass inner tube is protected by a sealed outer plastic tube. So even if the glass tubes fails, the gas system is fully protected against leaks • Stainless steel bodies with 10 micron stainless steel frits at both ends to protect against dust

• High-quality activated adsorbents for long filter life and efficient contaminant removal

• Designed to reduce contaminants to llow ppb levels

• All ZPure purifiers are helium leak checked and shipped filled with helium

• Extra-large capacity Hydrocarbon purifier and Moisture purifier available

• Available with brass or stainless steel compression fittings
  • Tillverkare
    Chromatography Research Supplies
  • Leveranstid
  • Lager-/beställningsvara
  • Typ av luftrenare
    Oxygen or Moisture
  • Avlägsnar
    Moisture, Oxygen
  • För gas
    He, Ar, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Methane
  • Indikator (Y/N)
  • Ytterdiameter slang
    1/8'' Brass
  • Gas Supply
  • Flöde
  • Operating Temp Range (C)
    15 to 35
  • Maxtryck
    14 bar (200 psi)
  • Egenskap
  • Brand/märke
  • UNSPSC-kod
  • Tullstatnr
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